About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Byrdy Babes Beauty was founded in 2020 by owner & byrdy babe Robynn Byrd after wanting something fun to bond over with her two daughters. With so many ideas out there like dance videos and crafting, she thought that instead of doing the norm, she should teach them how to become their own boss. And just like that… It was game time!

The first line of products they decided to create was their lip gloss line featuring Forbidden Peach. Then went on to create their first body scrub line that continues to grow.

Here at Byrdy Babes Beauty, we set out to create the best quality products, all while staying true to ourselves... that meant creating products that would never (ever) be tested on animals.

Well, we did just that...

Byrdy Babes Beauty is a premium line of beauty products infused with natural and organic ingredients, to not only provide maximum shine but to also keep lips and skin moisturized, healthy and supple.

We created these products for fun and just for ourselves, but couldn't keep it from others for too long, so we just had to share them with the world... oh you lucky byrdy!

Cruelty-Free & Never Tested On Animals!

Meet The Team

Robynn Byrd

Mya and Maleah

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